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When booking New Wave Night Club, the service includes the entire CertifiedEnt staff. Ms.Certified as you host/promoter, DJ Raeloo on the 1s & 2s,Your Original Certified Hookah/Bottle girls and the Certified Security Team. We are available Thursday-Sunday. In order to book,a non-refundable deposit of $1200 is due upon booking if you would like to rent the club out and take all profit made at the door.


New Wave Booking Policy

Option #1: You book the club with a non-refundable $1200 deposit and at the end of the night all profit from the door belongs to you! 

Option #2: You book the club with no deposit and at the end of the we will split the door 60/40. The club gets 60% and you will get 40%.

With option #1 it is up to you how many people you would like to let in for free but remember that will interfere with your profit made at the door. The maximum amount of bottles allowed for free entry are 3!!

With option #2 5 people gets in free with you each free admission after the maximum is reached will come out of your 40% at the end of the night. You are allowed to bring in 3 personal bottles. If you would like to bring in any additional bottles the cost is $25 per bottle!

If you use the house Dj we will pay the Dj before we spilt the money. If you use your own Dj we will spilt the money and you are responsible for paying your Dj.

I cover all security cost!

It’s up to you on what time you would like your event to start. The club closes at 2:45, the parking lot must be cleared by 3:00am

No loitering, no cups outside of club, no loud music in parking lot, security is strictly enforced