Book New Wave Nightclub

New Wave Booking Policy

Option #1: You book the club with a non-refundable $250 deposit and at the end of the night we spilt the money made at the door 60/40 .

Option #2: You book the club with no deposit and we split the money made at the door 70/30

With both options you will get 10 free armbands and of old enough to drink only you are allowed to bring bottles in for you and your crew for free anyone else will have to pay to bring in bottles. I will have someone at the door to take the money and you can also bring someone that you trust to handle the door as well.

If you use my Dj we will pay the Dj before we spilt the money. If you use your own Dj we will spilt the money and you are responsible for paying your Dj.

I cover all of the security cost.

It’s up to you on what time you would like your event to start. The club closes at 1:45

No loitering, no cups outside of club, no loud music in parking lot, security is strictly enforced